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Urban Holistic 

Lifestyle Brand

a gardening upliftment company

Tree Essentials LLC is a Gardening Upliftment Company that inspires the mind, body, and spirit of urban individuals and communities. Through the love of gardening, health education, self-love, natural beauty, and the a positive holistic lifestyle journey, Tree Essentials LLC is "Restoring the Tree to Grow Essentially". We provide self-love self-care healing spaces, as well as provide self-love self-care products and services to meet the needs of urban individual. When you build yourself from within, you then can improve your family, and overall community. It all starts with a seed. 

"We Have the Ability to Plant Seeds, Inspire Others, and Aspire Change"

wellness is a lifestyle

natural self care 

self love regimens


healthy foods

hair and body

Simplistic Clothing and Living 

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