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About Us

Tree Essentials LLC is a interactive platform that provides self-love skills, self-care practices, and holistic lifestyle environments for the everyday urban child, adolescent, and adult. Tree Essentials demonstrates the artistry of loving self and thus extending love to others and the environment around.

Tree's have stand the hands of time. Co-habiting with the environment around them no matter what the conditions, war, disease, and new generation of humans and animals. They evolve to the circumstances of the time period. They provide a exchange of carbon to oxygen for all living things to breathe. They provide a plentiful source of oils as well as shelter from the many storms experienced throughout the days. Lastly when a tree is not thriving, the neighboring networks of trees provide relief for the weaker one to become stronger and healthy. Although we are not a tree, we are a community of people that should encourage and uplift the next person to be their better self and most optimal level so all in the community can become optimal. Lets work on our self-love, self-care, and build a holistic lifestyle brand that will build a better you and thus build the ones around you.


"Restoring Your Tree to Grow Essentially"

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Urban Holistic 

Lifestyle Brand

a gardening upliftment company

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